Fine Art Printing

Craig Ivor

"I highly recommend Spin Images, as they have always produced superior quality printing and are extremely reliable with meeting my deadlines" Craig Ivor specializes in fine art illustrations of Birdlife and his work is exhibited both local and globally. He was commissioned to draw his most recent portrait of ‘Nelson Mandela.’ Spin images is responsible for all his fine art printing. Back

Anthony Friend

"The best quality printing that I trust for my clients" Anthony Friend is an established photographer living in New York. He is renowned for  his  high fashion photography for some of the top agencies, brands and publications; such as Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and L’Oreal, amongst others. Back

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson is a South African visual artist currently living and working in Cape Town. His photographic work is primarily a form of social commentary. Dave is particularly well known for his series of expressionist, hand-painted photographs of township scenes in South Africa. In 2010 he turned to abstract painting. His first exhibition of large-scale abstract paintings showed at Worldart gallery in Cape Town in 2011. Back

David Bloomer

"If you're looking for someone to take proper care of your printing needs, Armand is the man.The attention to detail is priority from start to finish" David Bloomer is a South Africa photographer specializing in portraiture, fashion, lifestyle, and celebrity photography. Back

Malcolm Dare

Malcolm Dare has worked as a professional photographer in Cape Town, South Africa since 1990, taking time out to work in The Netherlands where he gained two years of international experience. Back